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The Advantages of Working with a Transaction-based ELT Provider

April 19, 2023 Perspectives

Nikki Shealy, EVR Account Manager

DDI Technology’s Perspectives section features short articles on technologies and services designed to help financial institutions and automotive dealers increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve their customer service.

The Advantages of Working with a Transaction-based ELT Provider

Companies have a critical decision to make when choosing an electronic lien & title (ELT) service provider: subscription- or transaction-based billing.  

ELT is the preferred method for lending institutions (lienholders) to exchange vehicle and title information electronically because it lowers processing costs and increases efficiencies for all parties by eliminating the mailing, filing and retrieving of paper titles.  

Instead of printing a paper title and mailing it to the lienholder, title information is transmitted electronically to the lienholder’s ELT service provider. ELT helps users streamline their title and lien release management, eliminating paper storage, and reducing fraud and errors. 

Many ELT service providers, however, charge customers a minimum monthly fee, or basically a subscription. That means a company is locked into a contract that requires a minimum payment no matter how many or how few ELT transactions are made. Paying for something you may not be using, obviously, increases your overall cost of loan operations. Some subscription-based ELT service providers even require a minimum number of transactions before they take on a new client. That can make it difficult for new or growing businesses.  

Transaction-based Billing Means No Long-term Contracts  

Clients that use transaction-based pricing for ELT services appreciate that they pay for what they need, without monthly fees or annual subscriptions. It makes sense to avoid locked-in, long-term contracts, as well as the per-user and support fees that come with those contracts. 

One advantage to using DDI Technology as an ELT service provider—in addition to our industry-leading products—is we are not a subscription-based company. That means our clients avoid the annual subscription costs and the various associated subscription fees. We also don’t require a minimum number of transactions customers must conduct to do business with us.  

DDI’s clients only pay a transaction fee per ELT based on the volume of ELTs received each month. 

DDI Offers Transaction-based Billing and Great Customer Support 

Being a transaction-based ELT service provider does not mean DDI’s clients lack support. DDI provides exceptional customer service through multiple channels, including chat, phone and email. For more information on DDI’s great customer service and the advantages to using DDI for ELT, check out ELT Senior Account Executive Luke Jumper’s recent Perspectives. 

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