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Speeding Up the Car Buying Process to Improve the Customer Experience

July 5, 2022 Perspectives Nikki Shealy

Nikki Shealy, EVR Account Manager

DDI Technology’s Perspectives section features short articles on technologies and services designed to help financial institutions and automotive dealers increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve their customer service.

Attending last year’s South Carolina Automobile Dealers Association (SCADA) Annual Conference was a great opportunity to learn more about the state of the car business, but it was also a time to truly understand the industry’s needs as well. As technology is continually brought to the forefront, and the demands of the customer continue to shorten the car buying process, owners and GMs are still operating in two different worlds. They need to find solutions to improve the customer experience.   

For the traditional car buying process, as we all know all too well, you had better pack a lunch and be prepared for an extended day. What most car buyers do not know is that there are a lot of behind-the-scenes requirements to complete during the car buying experience that lengthen the process. Receiving accurate tax, title & transfer fees, loading complete details into state databases to produce temporary tags, and negotiating with lenders to find the most competitive rate, are just a few pieces of the puzzle. How does a dealer speed up the somewhat tedious steps involved in satisfying the customer’s desire to quickly complete the sale and drive off in their new car? 

Automation and Third-Party Integration Can Drive Customer Satisfaction 

The answer is automation and integration with companies that provide these services to dealers. The old days of calling a state DMV office to determine taxes and fees can be replaced by an online service that provides the necessary quote for a small cost in just minutes. Integrating your DMS with an electronic vehicle registration provider allows for faster transfer of transaction details into state databases, and therefore quicker production of temporary tags. Both of these services are readily available to improve a dealership’s customer satisfaction. 

DDI Technology, with its Premier EVR product, can provide both services to a dealer on a single platform, simplifying the process for the sales team, F&I office and title clerks all at the same time. By providing a better platform for a dealership’s staff to utilize, the time savings and an increase in customer satisfaction can pay huge dividends. This, of course, is on top of the savings a dealership can realize from the cost of the transaction as well, which can mean thousands of dollars in annual savings. 

The need to reduce the customer’s drive off time is very real for dealers today. See how Premier EVR can help improve your processes and meet the demands of your customers today. 


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