Temp Tag & EVR Training for SC

Training videos for all types of Temp Tag and EVR transactions can be found below. Please contact our Support team if you have additional questions regarding any aspect of the process, 844-836-1620 or help@premierevr.com. Additionally you can attend one of our training webinars by registering HERE.

Registration and Title Process
The follow training video is a step by step completion guide for the EVR transaction, to include temp tag.

EVR Registration

Temp Tag Process
This video covers the basics to produce a Temp Tag. F&I and sales personnel may watch this video to determine the basic steps required.

Temp Tag Only

Examples of notifications sent out to the interfaces (updates, other messages sent to all users)
DDI most often sends notices to our customers regarding software updates or maintenance being performed by a state.  The video highlights how those notices appear to customers with Premier EVR™.

Training Video 3

Title Inquiry results
Premier EVR™ and Premier eTitleLien® both include the ability to perform title inquiries from most states. While such vehicle inquiries are incorporated into the registration process for specific states (as shown in other example videos), customers often find it helpful to be able to run stand-alone inquiries, especially when verifying title information for an out-of-state transaction.

Training Video 4

NMVTIS responses as part of the transaction
VIN/Title validation is done as part of each state’s electronic registration.  Premier EVR™ also allows customers to retrieve NMVTIS inquiry results. These two capabilities will be combined for any state that requires it.

Training Video 5

Reports available to BMV
DDI provides several reports for DMVs, some of which are submitted by customers and some submitted directly by DDI. These are in addition to electronic data and files that are submitted. The following are some examples:

  • GA DOR requires a Quality Assurance report, indicating the number of problems with submissions to the state.
  • SC requires dealers to submit an End of Day report each day.

Transaction Analysis Report

SC EOD Report


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