SC EVR Training

SC EVR training videos are below and provide information on how to maneuver through various transactions within Premier EVR.  These videos are great tools to introduce new personnel to the process workflow or simply a refresher for someone who has not performed a transaction in a while. These videos are South Carolina specific.

Please contact our Support Team if you have any additional questions regarding any aspect of the process, 844-836-1620 or  Additionally, you can attend one of our training webinars by registering HERE.

Temp Tag Process
This video covers the basics to produce a Temp Tag. F & I and sales personnel may watch this video to determine the basic steps required.

Temp Tag Video

VIN Research
This video covers how to perform state specific title inquiries. These stand-alone inquiries are good to verify title information for both in  and out-of-state transactions.  SC title inquiries are unlimited and free.

VIN Research Video

Quote & Self Service
This video covers how to process quotes for out-of-state registration.  Information includes tax, title and other fees required to register and title the vehicle.

Quote & Self Service Video

This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to start and finalize a SC registration through Premier EVR.

SC Registration Video

Assisted Registration
This video covers how to request assistance with an out-of-state registration to include an estimate of registration, tax, title and other fees associated with registering and titling a vehicle all through Premier EVR.

Assisted Registration