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Washington DC

What is the DC ELT program?
During Phase I, the DC ELT program allows for lenders to release liens on current paper titles. Benefits to the DC ELT program include:

  • Quicker release process
  • Import of paper title information for auditing and tracking
  • Vehicle owner can request duplicate title from the DC DMV in the event released title is misplaced or lost

Who is required to participate?
At this time, lenders are not required to participate.

How do I get my title?
At the time of release, the paper title can be given to the vehicle owner.

How do I enroll in the DC ELT program?
Simply complete the Enrollment form below and a DDI representative will be in contact with you shortly.

To ensure you receive the information you want from DDI, please let us know if you are a new or current customer by selecting the appropriate box.