Premier eTitleLien – Electronic Lien and Title

Streamline your titles and lien release management.

  • Simpler Titling Process
  • Reduce Fraud & Errors
  • Eliminate Paper Storage
  • Responsive Customer Support

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Which states offer ELT?

DDI Technology supports all ELT states. Select your state below for specific enrollment information.

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What about states that do not offer an ELT program?

Premier eTitleLien® works directly with Premier TRS. Titles from non-ELT states can be received by the Title and Registration Center and imaged, allowing a turnkey solution for all 50 states, regardless of enrollment in each state’s ELT program. Titles for each state are managed with a single interface, providing all the features of Premier eTitleLien® for every state.

We offer a number of other services as well through Premier TRS, including handling title applications, registrations, fee estimates, and other customized title management services.

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