Premier eTitleLien®

Streamline your Title Management

  • Simpler Titling Process
  • Reduce Fraud and Errors
  • Eliminate Paper Storage
  • Responsive Customer Service

Join Over 4,000 Customers

  • Transaction-Based Pricing

    Our pay-per-transaction model does not include monthly fees or annual subscriptions. Webinar trainings and customization of services is free of charge. Additional training and support is available if desired. Unlimited system users with flexible permission levels to meet your company’s requirements.

  • Seamless Automation

    DDI Technology provides solutions for the automatic transfer of data from your loan system to create a custom interface. In addition, you can import title data from a spreadsheet into Premier eTitleLien®. The result? A consolidated paper and electronic title portfolio.

  • Customized Workflow System

    Premier eTitleLien® provides multiple system options which add value to how you manage your title portfolio. These features can be tailored to your company’s internal titling process protocols.

  • System Security

    DDI Technology is a SOC 2 compliant service provider. We manage your data to protect the interests of your company and the privacy of your clients. We have many security system options which can be utilized to meet your internal system access requirements.

Which states offer ELT?

DDI Technology supports all ELT states. Select your state below for specific enrollment information.

What about states that do not offer an ELT program?

Premier eTitleLien® works directly with Premier TRS. Titles from non-ELT states can be received by the Title and Registration Center and imaged, allowing a turnkey solution for all 50 states, regardless of enrollment in each state’s ELT program. Titles for each state are managed with a single interface, providing all the features of Premier eTitleLien® for every state.

We offer a number of other services as well through Premier TRS, including handling title applications, registrations, fee estimates, and other customized title management services.

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