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ELT with DDI Technology and Premier eTitleLien®

Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) provides the capability to electronically exchange lien and title information between the lienholder and the state. Upon completion of lien notation by the state, an electronic title notification is delivered to you through DDI Technology’s secure web application, Premier eTitleLien®.

About Premier eTitleLien®

Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) with Premier EVR™

Premier EVR™ allows dealers and authorized agents to process registration transactions and title applications through an electronic link with a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

EVR allows dealers to perform the following transactions:

  • Electronic Vehicle Registration for new and used vehicles
  • Electronic request for new plates and decals
  • Electronic transfer of license plates between vehicles
  • Real-time access to current title information for title form filling accuracy
  • Real-time access to vehicle owner names and addresses for title form filling accuracy
  • Registration renewals (where allowed)
  • Temporary tags (where allowed)

About Premier EVR™

Title and Registration Services (TRS) with Premier TRS™

DDI Technology’s Premier TRS™ provides an extensive title management solution allowing lenders and dealers to focus on what truly matters – your customers! We can simplify the titling and registration process, manage the entire portfolio and administer a fully outsourced program.

About Premier TRS™

Total-Loss Payoff™

Eliminate the hassle associated with total-loss transactions.

  • Expedite the process for quicker settlements and payment receipt.
  • Easy communication directly with the insurance carrier to guarantee resolution.
  • One centralized, web-based application for easy access and tracking of the entire payoff process.

About Total Loss Payoff™