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 Happy Holidays from DDI Technology

December 14, 2022 Perspectives Tab Edmundson

Tab Edmundson, President

DDI Technology’s Perspectives section features short articles on technologies and services designed to help financial institutions and automotive dealers increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve their customer service.

It has been an exciting year of growth at DDI Technology, as we keep expanding to meet the demands of our customers.

Here are a few DDI highlights from 2022:

Corporate Office Expansion

One obvious example of our growth was the expansion of our corporate office by 35% to accommodate current needs and prepare for future needs. The expanded DDI facility’s innovative enhancements will support our continued growth and allow us to attract and retain top employees. The new workspace includes technology-enabled conference rooms to collaborate with customers and partners, better process flows for DDI’s title center operations, and expanded capacity for title vaulting.

Year Brings a Much Larger DDI Team

When we started the year DDI had 141 employees, and as of mid-December that number had grown by more than 40! It’s a reflection of our mission to provide the highest quality titling and registration solutions to customers through secure technologies while maintaining a relentless focus on our core values and customer service. We’ve expanded the DDI team to allow us to keep realizing our mission.

DDI Expands ELT and Premier eTitleLien®️ to WV

In September we expanded our electronic lien and title (ELT) services and Premier eTitleLien® product into the state of West Virginia. This is the 27th state, along with Washington DC, to feature DDI ELT technology and solutions. We are excited about DDI’s expansion into this great state and know that our powerful electronic solutions will help lower transaction times and improve efficiencies in West Virginia’s ELT market.

DDI First to Offer Electronic Salvage Processing to MA

Last month we became the first service provider to offer electronic salvage processing in Massachusetts, the seventh state to offer our Premier EVR™️ services. This was notable because it allows DDI to offer a significant advantage in processing to our customers. Our full suite of titling products allows integration with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) for data transfer, eliminating manual data entry and helping to ensure timely issuance of salvage titles. Additionally, Premier EVR’s customization options, reporting and intuitive user interface can help salvage companies to increase efficiency and accuracy.

Thanks for a Great 2022. Here’s to More Growth in 2023

Thanks for allowing DDI to serve you this past year. We are so looking forward to even more growth and success in 2023. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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