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Georgia Dept of Revenue DRIVES upgrade

  1. All GA ETR services will be disabled from January 12, 2021 at 7pm until January 19th, 2021 at 8am. Georgia offices also will not process registrations or titling services.
  2. Dealers are encouraged to finalize deals before January 10th, 2021 to have them approved and submitted to the state. Deals finalized after January 10th may not get processed until after January 19th.
  3. GA VIN Inquiries will not generate during this outage.
  4. GA TAVT Estimator will not work during this outage. Remember that the TAVT is 6.6% of (purchase price + taxable fees).
  5. BHPH dealers can use the current Motor Vehicle Assessment manual to obtain FMV for vehicles during the outage.

Emergency TOP information

  1. Be sure to use Emergency TOPs only when the GA DOR system is down. If GA DOR is down, DDI Technology places a News item at the top of your dashboard.
  2. All Emergency TOPs will need to be ‘Submitted’ to the state when GA DOR system comes online. A good practice is to key in a deal and leave it in pending status, so when online you only need to submit the deal to pend title.
  3. All successfully generated emergency TOPs can be accessed in Inventory->Emergency TOP History.
  4. The Emergency TOP Not Submitted Report will help you keep track of the deals that have not yet been submitted to the state.

New Dealer? Here’s the process

  1. Get Dealer License
  2. Get Dealer Plates (Master Tag)
  3. Obtain ETR Provider (DDI Technology)
  4. Order TOPs from GADA or GIADA
  5. Go live with ETR provider to print TOPs, handle title transactions

ELT – Electronic Lien and Title

DDI Technology can serve as your ELT provider, too! Let us know if you do not have a GA ELT number or would like to transfer your ELT service from your current provider. Questions? Schedule a training session.

BHPH guidelines

Not qualifying for 4.1% reduced BHPH rate? Your dealership may not be certified. Find the MV-DF1 form, which has instructions for receiving reduced rate directly financed dealer sales.

Dealer Continuing Education

Licensed dealers are required to obtain 6 hours of continuing education in order to be eligible to renew their licenses. The following approved providers offer both continuing education and Pre-Licensing courses year-round. Contact the provider directly for more information on CE fees, schedules, etc.

E-Learning Concepts, LLC
Ron Widener Dealer Services

Helpful GA Links

GA DOR MV site

DRIVES eServices

TAVT Estimator

GA DOR county tag office locations

GA DOR Bulletins

Georgia Automobile Dealers Association (GADA)

Georgia Independent Automobile Dealers Association (GIADA)

Clean Air Force Verification

DDI ETR Training

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