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Decision Dynamics, Inc. (DDI) Launches Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) Services in Nevada.

January 6, 2016 News

Decision Dynamics, Inc. (DDI) now offers Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) services to Nevada lenders through Premier eTitleLien®, a cost-effective, user-friendly, solution for streamlining vehicle titling.

Lexington, SC, January 6, 2016 – Decision Dynamics, Inc. (DDI) proudly announces the company’s availability to serve as an authorized Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) Service Provider for the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicle’s newly launched program. Lender enrollment in Nevada’s ELT program through DDI’s Premier eTitleLien® began earlier this year in anticipation of the program and ELT participants have begun managing their Nevada liens and titles electronically. Ann Gunning, DDI’s Chief Information Officer, says “I hear complements every week on the high quality of both the Premier eTitleLien® application and our support center.  Frequent product enhancements provide our customers with an up-to-date solution that meets their changing needs.  Regular surveys and dedicated account representatives keep DDI focused on constantly improving our customer service.  I’m excited that we are able to bring that customer service focus to Nevada lenders through the Nevada ELT program.”

Premier eTitleLien® is a secure, web-based application which allows lienholders to participate in a state’s ELT program and remain in complete control of their title portfolio. Twenty-four (24) states currently offer ELT programs, with several implementing their programs in the next year. Lienholders are able to manage their vehicle titles electronically and receive an electronic record in lieu of a paper title. With Premier eTitleLien®, companies have access to their electronic titles and the tools needed to streamline the titling process.

The electronic titling program benefits motor vehicle agencies, lienholders, and vehicle owners. Motor vehicle agencies benefit by providing more timely data exchange, improving data accuracy, and reducing and controlling the use of secure forms. Electronic titling benefits lienholders by reducing mailing costs, reducing physical storage requirements, and deterring the inherent fraud associated with duplicate titles and paper title releases. Vehicle owners benefit by receiving clear titles upon the release of the lien of the electronic title.

Decision Dynamics continues to experience rapid growth due to its quality product offering with value-add features, and its commitment to customer service excellence. Glenn Thames, President and CEO, says, “Premier eTitleLien® has become the ELT product of choice for lenders nationwide. Our pay-per-transaction model without long-term contracts gives lenders the security of knowing that DDI is working for the best interest of the lender.” Premier eTitleLien® also offers training and support at no cost, with 24 hour system availability.

Decision Dynamics (DDI) is a software technology company that provides electronic titling services for lienholders in the United States. DDI now serves over 3,500 lenders throughout the US.

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