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Decision Dynamics Announces it’s 10th Year as an ELT Service Provider and 4,000th Customer

December 13, 2016 News

Decision Dynamic, Inc (DDI) is celebrating its 10th year as an ELT service provider and serving over 4,000 lenders with Premier eTitleLien®.

Lexington, SC, December 13, 2016 – Decision Dynamics, Inc. (DDI) proudly announces their tenth year as an ELT service provider and the implementation of its 4,000th customer using the company’s electronic lien and titling (ELT) management solution. Serving a variety of customers, Decision Dynamics provides a secure, web-based software system for lienholders to track and manage their vehicle titles. The development and successful growth of the Premier eTitleLien® solution is attributed to the collaborative approach the company takes with all of its solutions. By bringing together best practices and feedback from clients, the flexibility and open architecture of Internet-based technology and the expertise gained providing ELT solutions, Decision Dynamics has grown into a national leader of ELT services. Todd Phillips, DDI’s Director of Sales, says “DDI continues to be the fastest growing provider in the industry due to our intuitive product suite which increases efficiencies and security as well as providing savings to our customers.  Our ability to integrate both front end and back end services enables dealerships and lienholders to manage all facets of collateral management in a streamlined fashion.  As more customers are able to experience our systems and personalized customer service, we are continuing to establish DDI as the go-to partner for companies looking for the most comprehensive solution in the industry.”

Premier eTitleLien® allows lienholders to participate in a state’s ELT program and remain in complete control of their entire title portfolio. Twenty-four(24) states currently offer ELT programs, with additional states implementing their programs in the next year. Lienholders are able to manage their vehicle titles electronically and receive an electronic record in lieu of a paper title. With Premier eTitleLien®, companies have access to their electronic titles and the tools needed to streamline the titling process.

The electronic titling program benefits motor vehicle agencies, lienholders and vehicle owners. Motor vehicle agencies gain efficiencies by providing more timely data exchange, improving data accuracy, and reducing and controlling the use of secure forms. Electronic titling benefits lienholders by reducing mailing costs, reducing physical storage requirements, and deterring the inherent fraud associated with duplicate titles and paper title releases. Vehicle owners benefit by receiving clear titles upon the release of the lien on the electronic title.

By reducing or minimizing the paper process, DDI provides a service to credit unions, banks, title loan companies, dealers and other lending institutions. ELT helps reduce fraud, enhance efficiencies, as well as increase productivity for organizations that handle titles. The program serves as a link between the lienholder and the state DMVs, allowing the institutions to focus their resources on their customers.

Decision Dynamics, Inc. (DDI) has been providing software solutions and services for government agencies and businesses since 1999. In addition to its software services, DDI also offers it premier line of products: ELT, EVR and the Title and Registration Center.

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