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DDI’s Product Management Initiatives Focus on Customer Needs

January 25, 2023 Perspectives Mary Hughey, Molly Harner

Mary Hughey, Product Manager, Molly Harner, Product Manager

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DDI’s Product Management Initiatives Focus on Customer Needs

Voice of the Customer Input Helping to Enhance Products

DDI’s product management effort is using customer feedback to enhance existing products and create new ones.

Industry-leading products and customer experiences don’t just happen by accident. They are always the result of a consistent, rigorous product management process. Product management plays an integral role in many companies, driving the strategic direction of product lines. DDI Technology’s Product Management team is working to enhance DDI’s industry-leading products and customer experiences by harnessing the power of customer feedback.

Customer Input Key to Product Improvements

As part of its product management efforts, DDI is launching a Voice of the Customer initiative. The program will involve working closely with internal and external stakeholders to share product roadmaps and gain additional insights on features they want in the next generation of DDI products.

“DDI’s commitment to product excellence and continuous improvement fuels our Voice of the Customer initiative,” said Premier eTitleLien® Product Manager Mary Hughey. “We are focused on the strategic direction and growth of our products and how they can service our customers.”

While DDI’s initial emphasis has been the improvement of existing products, the Product Management team is also working on future product strategy and vision, according to Hughey. The company has one-year, three-year, and five-year plans for expanding and enhancing DDI’s product offerings.

Product Management Efforts Help Prioritize Enhancements

When Hughey and Premier EVR™ Product Manager Molly Harner were brought in to DDI, they were immediately integrated into its product development processes to help increase communication with internal stakeholders. “We serve as liaisons between teams and assist with project management,” Harner said. “We also use tools for management of requests and project timelines.”

A primary goal of DDI’s product management effort is managing its diverse product prioritization strategy to integrate varying levels of enhancements based on overall impact to customers, according to Harner. “We also focus strongly on ensuring our products comply with all applicable federal, state, industry and security regulations.”

DDI Products See More Than 80 Enhancements

So far, DDI’s product management process has resulted in more than 80 Premier eTitleLien and Premier EVR enhancements, including:

Premier eTitleLien and Premier EVR

  • Improved reporting (based on customer requests/needs)
    • New reports
    • Enhancements to existing reports 
  • Enhanced title/VIN inquiry (direct from Premier eTitleLien and Premier EVR to the state)

Premier eTitleLien

  • Additions and improvements to flags and tags (based on customer and DDI Title Center requests)

Premier EVR

  • Ability to “drag and drop” documents in states that support electronic document upload
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