DDI’s Legislative Update Reviews New Industry Bills from MS, OK, OR and WV

February 20, 2023 Legislative Update Katerina Dotzeva

DDI Legislative Update

As a service to our customers, DDI Technology provides Legislative Update focused on bills affecting our industry, including legislation relating to DMVs, titling and registration. DDI is dedicated to being proactive when monitoring legislative and regulatory matters that affect our customers and our industry. We believe engagement with the legislative process is critical to promoting responsible business conduct and continued healthy expansion. DDI works with lobbyists and other industry participants towards seeing our customers’ needs are met when it comes to legislative matters that may affect the industry.  


Mississippi Senate Bill 2482
Introduced January 16, 2023 

Allows the Department of Revenue to transmit liens and receive lien satisfactions electronically. The department may electronically transmit the lien to the first lienholder and notify the first lienholder of any additional liens. Subsequent lien satisfactions may be electronically transmitted to the department and shall include the name and address of the person satisfying the lien. When electronic transmission of liens and lien satisfactions is used, a certificate of title need not be issued until the last lien is satisfied and a clear certificate of title is issued to the owner of the motor vehicle or manufactured home. 

When a motor vehicle is subject to an electronic lien, the certificate of title for the motor vehicle shall be considered to be physically held by the lienholder for purposes of compliance with state or federal odometer disclosure requirements. A duly certified copy of the department’s electronic record of the lien shall be admissible in any civil, criminal or administrative proceeding in this state as evidence of the existence of the lien. 

DDI’s Position: Support

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Oklahoma House Bill 1802
Introduced January 18, 2023

The bill clarifies that when there is no security interest, lien, or other encumbrance on the vehicle, delivery of a certificate of title on a paper document or in an electronic format shall be made to the record owner. 

All documents submitted electronically to Service Oklahoma pursuant to Section 1105A do not require notarization. 

DDI’s Position: Support

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Oklahoma Senate Bill 427
Introduced January 16, 2023

This bill provides exception to prohibition on transfer of certain title. Section 1110. A(8) is amended to read: When there is an active lien from a commercial lender in place on a vehicle, motor license agents shall be prohibited from transferring the certificate of title on that vehicle until the lien is satisfied, except when the title is transferred (d) at the discretion of the court based upon debts owed to a towing or wrecker service. 

DDI’s Position: Neutral 

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Oklahoma Senate Bill 524
Introduced January 17, 2023

The bill amends section 908 which relates to foreclosure of liens. It modifies required postings. The bill would require the notice to be posted in one public place in the county in which the vehicle is to be sold at least ten (10) days before the time specified therein for such sale and on a website designated by the Department of Public Safety, and a copy of the notice shall be mailed to the owner and any other person claiming any interest in the abandoned motor vehicle, at their last-known mailing address, by registered mail on the same date of posting the notice. 

DDI’s Position: Neutral 

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Oregon House Bill 3080
Introduced January 20, 2023

The department shall adopt rules permitting a vehicle dealer that sold more than 100 vehicles in the previous calendar year to electronically transmit certain documents related to vehicle sales. 

A vehicle dealer that acquires ownership of a vehicle by paying the balance of an outstanding loan, for which the vehicle dealer is unable to obtain a release of security interest or certificate of title from the security interest holder due to the holder’s failure to comply with ORS 803.105 (1)(i), may apply to the department for a certificate of title in the name of the dealer 20 days after the date of the last payment made to the security interest holder for the vehicle if, at the time of application the vehicle dealer: 

(a) Provides the department proof that any outstanding loan balance is paid; and 

(b) Submits an appropriate odometer disclosure form, unless the vehicle is exempted from odometer disclosure requirements.   

The department shall provide by rule the procedure for obtaining title under the above subsection and the proof required. 

DDI’s Position: Neutral 

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West Virginia House Bill 2506
Effective February 1, 2023

The purpose of this bill is to establish a national title clearinghouse for nonresident businesses using the WV DMV title system. The division is authorized to establish a participation fee and title fees for participants. 

DDI’s Position: Neutral 

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