Customer Stories

Premier eTitleLien® Total-Loss Payoff™

UFirst Federal Credit Union

UFirst Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution that belongs to its members. As a credit union, any profits made are given back to our members in the way of better rates, lower fees, and more services – this is the way we have operated since 1971.

We provide a full range of financial services associated with the US banking industry.  In the current landscape, our three most prominent business challenges are competition from online lenders, consumer delinquencies, charge-offs, and competition from local banks and credit unions.

UFirst Federal Credit Union has been a DDI Technology customer since 2015. Our team uses DDI’s ELT software solution, and the use of their software has helped us tremendously with tracking outstanding and perfected liens with the DMV. Their knowledge of the lien process for other states has been very beneficial. This simplified process allows our staff to focus on tasks, and the time saved using DDI Technology is immeasurable. I had been looking for a lien solution for years, and DDI’s product has lived up to its promises.