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Jones Chevrolet Cadillac

The three biggest challenges to our business is working efficiently to serve our customers with excellence while being cost effective and timely, complying properly with all the complex laws and regulations from government, state, manufacturers and banking and training and maintaining productive and competent staff at target payroll levels. The temp tag change was a drastic shift in how we have always done business. DDI and SCADA have managed this amazingly well given the complex nature of the task at hand. They were able to integrate multiple government agencies, businesses, and software companies. We have had wonderful support as we all have worked and adapted to this new system.

Working with DDI has been a great experience. They have allowed us to provide titling, registration, and temp tag service to our customers in a more secure and streamlined way. DDI has always worked to provide support to its customers to help them do business better. The partnership with DDI, SCADA, The State of SC, and dealers of SC has been able to upgrade an important part of our business to the 21st century.

DDI’s software improved our business and solved some of our business challenges by allowing us to successfully comply with the new temp tag system this is much safer for our law enforcement and community overall. The support we have received from DDI is what is needed to make this complex system work. DDI continues to be available during our business hours to help us provide for our customers.