Customer Stories

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CNG Investments, Inc.

CNG Investments, Inc. started doing business with DDI in 2008. We are a consumer finance company specializing in automotive loans. We started using DDI to help keep up with and have control over our customer titles and as DDI has grown we have grown over the years as well to also having a used automotive sales division. We now utilize not only their ELT system but also their EVR system as of 2017. While you can shop around and find others to provide the same services that DDI gives us we have stayed with them so long for one simple reason. That is their customer service and support. As Stan at their help desk can tell you we speak quite often by phone and email. Stan and his team are great. I find a title issue and get with Stan and they get the DMV to fix it for me. It has cut my time down from weeks on end to minutes knowing that it is handled and will be fixed ASAP. No other company I have talked to who competes with them has ever been able to convince us that they can give this kind of support. They all have said you will have to call and deal with which ever states DMV or titling agency to resolve the problem. We have also found that DDI is one of the only ones to offer the VIN Research function that we use daily in our loan office to make sure we have the most current title at the time a loan is being made.

In part DDI goes above and beyond the normal for their clients to make sure they get everything they need for their business to operate. I feel confident in saying they are the best in this industry and will continue to be so. Our company has always looked to do business with the best and feel that is the only way to provide the best to our customers.

Jim McLeskey
Corporate and Operations Manager
CNG Investments, Inc.