Customer Stories

Premier EVR™

Carolina Motors 378

Carolina Motors 378 is an independent auto dealer that retails preowned vehicles. The three biggest challenges to our business are securing quality inventory, managing proper overhead and staying compliant with changing business laws.

To assist our day-to-day operations, we use DDI Technology’s EVR software and using it has saved us a lot of time. Our interaction with DDI’s products and services has been great.  We have received good training and we have not had a single hiccup.

DDI did a great job on their integration with the SCDMV, using DDI’s software is so much easier than my in-person SCDMV interactions in the past. I am also very pleased with the ease of learning DDI’s EVR software for titling automobiles, and I have realized it really saves me time! I am also very happy with the customer support we receive from Barry at DDI and he is always easy to contact and prompt to find solutions to any questions we have.