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Consumers, Industry Experts Driving Move to ELT

November 15, 2022 Perspectives Ann Gunning

Ann Gunning, Vice President, Operations

DDI Technology’s Perspectives section features short articles on technologies and services designed to help financial institutions and automotive dealers increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve their customer service.

The voice of the consumer is finally being heard, helping drive the transition toward electronic titling in the motor vehicle world.

Consumers expect the background processes at DMVs, dealerships, and financial institutions to happen accurately, reliably and fast. When they need to refinance, move to another state, or handle a total loss situation, they want it to be hassle free.

Traditionally, vehicle title and registration activities for the consumer have been handled by dealers, lenders, and their business partners. Consumers have been consistently voicing their need for more convenient and seamless titling processes. Their needs have been heard by industry experts, who are driving DMVs toward more innovative solutions.

ELT Offers Convenience, Reduces Hassles

With recent DMV modernizations, a new wave of states has adopted Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) systems. The DMVs’ motivation to move to electronic titling stems from consumer and stakeholder demand, as well as growing public policies calling for the elimination of paper processes and in-person transactions, and the adoption of electronic signatures.

Not only are in-person transactions inconvenient for the consumer, they are also costly for the DMVs, especially now, with worker shortages and high inflation. Consumers demand and deserve to have the ability to use their mobile devices for vehicle transactions, whether in a dealer’s showroom, or researching finance deals over the Internet.

Ann Gunning, Vice President, Operations

More States Launching ELT Programs

Currently, 27 states, including recent additions of Michigan and West Virginia, have developed ELT programs. Additional states will be launching ELT programs in 2023. An ELT program is just the starting point for eTitling, which refers to the total electronic processing of titles.

States are enhancing their Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) and ELT programs to allow more transactions to occur electronically, allowing consumers and stakeholders to completely transform the vehicle title and registration process into a fully electronic mechanism.

It’s an exciting time to be a leader in a company that is engaged with other stakeholders to bring innovation to the vehicle marketplace. DDI Technology is continuously working to bring advances in technology and consumer trends.

As we make these advances in Premier eTitleLien® and Premier EVR™ for our valued customers in the dealer and lender marketplace, we proudly represent the consumer’s voice and applaud the state DMVs that have taken steps to transform their business and look forward to the acceleration of eTitling for all stakeholders.

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