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7 Things to Consider When Choosing an EVR Provider

August 2, 2022 Perspectives Ben Thames

Ben Thames, Regional Sales Manager

DDI Technology’s Perspectives section features short articles on technologies and services designed to help financial institutions and automotive dealers increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve their customer service.

Electronic Vehicle Registration – How Does a Dealer Know What’s Best? 

You’ve had a great year. Even so, the best operators are continuously looking at processes to determine whether everything is at 100% efficiency or if there are areas they need to improve. As a dealer there are always opportunities to improve small things within your business. Now is a great time to look at your electronic vehicle registration provider to see if it offers the best possible scenario. When making this determination, there are several issues to consider.  

Which State are you Located? 

Your state may provide several options for electronic vehicle registration (EVR) or none at all. Not all states have EVR, but many are developing ways to implement it. Some states have mandatory electronic processing with few exceptions, while some have a combination of mandatory and optional elements. You’ll need to find out how many providers offer services, and then decide on the most important factors for your dealership. With multiple providers in your state, how do you choose the best one? 

DMS Integration 

A good DMS integration makes a huge difference. When a provider has an integration with a DMS it doesn’t mean that that integration is a good integration. Does your integration really work well? Does your team have to manually input information that should already be populated? Do your homework to see how dealers who currently use your DMS feel about the providers you consider. 

Customer Support 

If there’s a customer in your dealership that you can’t put on the road due to an EVR problem, can you call or chat with someone to resolve it? Having a lifeline when there is a problem with a state record or when your team has a question is a great way to keep your customer experience scores high. 

Out-of–State Customers 

Internet business is crucial in our marketplace. If you sell a vehicle to an out-of-state customer, how accurately and quickly can you quote the customer’s fees? Good EVR providers will have options to process out-of-state deals. 

Dealer Financing? 

Buy Here Pay Here dealers ideally will have a provider that can both handle EVR transactions and manage their ELT portfolio. In the best situation, your provider can follow the title process from vehicle sale through the release and/or printing of the title. 


Does every provider charge the same? No. Sure, you can pass this on to your customer in many ways, depending on your state, but if you are paying more to your service provider you are adding less to your bottom line. 

Choose the Best Provider 

A dealership depends on many moving pieces to get a customer into and out of the dealership as efficiently as possible. The customer’s entire experience with your team can take a wrong turn if the titling process isn’t handled correctly. Do your research and select the best provider for your dealership.

DDI Technology, a national service provider and subsidiary of IAA, offers financial institutions and dealers a suite of automotive title/registration management and total-loss transaction technologies that deliver efficiencies, reduce costs, and enable superior customer service. 

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