Products and Services

Products and Services

Electronic Lien and Title (ELT)

Premier eTitleLien LogoPremier eTitleLien® is a web-based application that allows lienholders to manage their vehicle titles electronically and provides an electronic ownership record in lieu of a paper title. Premier eTitleLien® interfaces with a state’s motor vehicle titling agency’s computer systems to receive electronic titles and transmit lien releases for the lienholder. With Premier eTitleLien®, companies have access to their electronic titles and the tools needed to streamline the titling process.

The ELT program transforms the lien and title process for a state, as banks, credit unions, dealers, and other financial institutions no longer need to store and file paper titles and now have a mechanism for reducing the fraud associated with paper titles.

DDI currently has over 4000 Premier eTitleLien® customers from across the United States.

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Vehicle Title Management

DDI’s Title Center offers customers the opportunity to confidently outsource some or all of their vehicle titling and registration services to titling specialists. DDI’s titling specialists are expert at titling processes in all 51 titling jurisdictions and can provide titling and registration fulfillment, perfection, storage, transfer, and mailing of title upon release of lien. Through DDI’s innovative software solutions, paper titles are managed electronically, providing lienholders with the ability to have control over their complete nationwide title portfolio through the Premier eTitleLien® system. In states where ELT is not yet available, paper titles are stored in a secure Title Center and users can view images of the paper titles in Premier eTitleLien® for easy electronic management.

The Title Center offers the option of a complete, streamlined electronic titling solution for title and registration documentation preparation, paper titles management and ELT.

DDI provides ELT and various related egovernment services for all twenty-three (23) states that have enabled ELT and assists states as they develop or enhance their ELT programs.

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Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR)

Premier EVR LogoPremier EVR™ allows dealers and authorized agents to process registration transactions and title applications through an electronic link with a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

EVR allows dealers to perform the following transactions:

    • Electronic Vehicle Registration for new and used vehicles
    • Electronic request for new plates and decals
    • Electronic transfer of license plates between vehicles
    • Real-time access to current title information for title form filling accuracy
    • Real-time access to vehicle owner names and addresses for title form filling accuracy
    • Registration renewals (where allowed)
    • Temporary tags (where allowed)

DDI provides EVR and related services for dealers in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina and assists states as they develop or enhance their electronic registration programs.

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Disease Management Coordination Network (DMCN)

DDI Medical Technology Group, LLC partnered with healthcare specialists to develop DMCN, an innovative software solution for Disease Management/Case management. DMCN is used by healthcare institutions and provider networks with a drive for improving the healthcare of their patients, while intelligently managing the costs of care. DMCN provides a proactive or “push” system of notifications that alert care providers of events that may affect their patient. In addition, DMCN performs a variety of analyses, based on patient data, medical diagnoses, insurance claims, along with expert physician provided rules and statistical techniques to assist in patient care.

To assist in care planning, DMCN provides a variety of assessment instruments for managing chronic conditions, including asthma, diabetes, and congestive heart failure. A key feature of the DMCN product is the interface with emergency room data for analysis and generation of alerts for case managers.