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DDI Executive Biographies

Glenn ThamesGlenn W. Thames – President

Glenn Thames is president and chief executive officer of Decision Dynamics, Inc. (DDI).  He was one of the founding partners of DDI in 1998 and accepted his current position in 2002.  Glenn oversees the daily operation and strategic direction of the Lexington-based software technology company.  DDI provides software products and services to the banking, healthcare, and governmental markets.

Prior to Glenn assuming his current position at DDI, he was a project manager with Unisys Corporation where he developed an enterprise-wide multi-media environmental information management system for South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.  The application supports issuance and compliance monitoring of the agency’s environmental permits and is utilized throughout the agency.  While at Unisys, Glenn was instrumental in developing the South Carolina digitized driver’s licenses system and was system manager of the South Carolina Child Support Enforcement System (CSES).

Glenn left Unisys Corporation for a brief period to take a position with a new technology startup. This opportunity afforded Glenn the unique privilege of playing a pioneering role in the electronic commerce market. Glenn served as chief architect for the new startup that developed and marketed the Automated Loan Machine (ALM). He developed the software architecture which allowed a Closed Loop Loan Process to be deployed in the electronic commerce market. A patent application was submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office and a patent was awarded. Glenn also designed and developed the centralized decisioning engine which implements the Closed Loop Loan Process and enables ALM operations. The ALM, powered by the Closed Loop Loan Process software, had a tremendous impact in the emerging electronic commerce market, and was the driving force behind the company going public.

Before joining Unisys Corporation, Glenn was systems and programming manager for a large hospital in Lexington, South Carolina. He was responsible for software development and support for all aspects of patient care, including inpatient, outpatient, emergency room, and supporting auxiliary systems.

Glenn and his wife Patricia reside in Lexington, South Carolina. They have two children, both serving Lexington County as paramedics. Glenn is a licensed commercial pilot and enjoys scuba diving, snow skiing, and spending time with family and friends.

Ann GunningAnn Gunning – Chief Information Officer

Ann Y. Gunning is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Decision Dynamics Inc. (DDI), a company committed to excellence in developing software products and delivering superior customer service. Ms. Gunning joined DDI in 2005 as Project Manager of the Electronic Liens and Titles (ELT) program. She organized the ELT software development department and established the information technology operations center for DDI. In partnership with the South Carolina Bankers Association, Ms. Gunning successfully worked with the South Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to establish the ELT program for the state.

In response to requirements established by the DMV and a selected task force of SC lenders, Ms. Gunning was responsible for the development of the Premier eTitleLien™ product that enables lenders to exchange lien and title information with state titling agencies. Premier eTitleLien™ is highly acclaimed by each of DDI’s customers. The high quality Premier eTitleLien™ product and Ms. Gunning’s emphasis on superb customer service by all staff is key to the success and growth of DDI’s ELT program.

Ms. Gunning’s career began as a software developer for NCR Corporation. In her 17 years with NCR, she served in various management capacities, including department manager. Ms. Gunning was responsible for various areas of software development and quality control for NCR’s line of multi-processor computer products for the retail and financial industries.

Prior to joining DDI, Ms. Gunning was the Information Technology Manager for the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control’s Environmental Quality Control Bureau. Ms. Gunning was instrumental in the development of an enterprise-wide Environmental Facility Information System, and has over 10 years of experience in developing information systems for state environmental programs. She has extensive experience in managing projects, including contractual services, involving complex database systems, Intranet and Internet applications, and Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Ms. Gunning holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from the University of South Carolina. Ann and husband Rob have three children and reside in Columbia, SC.

William MoranWilliam P. Moran, M.D., M.S., Chief Medical Officer

After completing his undergraduate degree work at College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Virginia, William P. “Bill” Moran went on to attend medical school at Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C. and then went on to complete his residency training in Internal Medicine at Georgetown Hospital in 1986. He served in the National Health Service Core from 1986-1990 before earning his Master’s degree in epidemiology and completing his fellowship in geriatrics in 1992 at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Dr. W. P. Moran’s medical interests include general internal medicine, geriatric medicine, managed care, and medical informatics.

Dr. W. P. Moran has recently been invited to participate in several national and international workshops which include: Community Care Coordination Network, Panel of Model Programs, 12th Annual Multidisciplinary Conference on Aging, Northwest AHEC., Hawthorne Inn, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, April 2-3, 1997; Integrated Delivery Information Systems: Acute and Chronic Care Coordination, American Society on Aging, Nashville, Tennessee, March 23-26, 1997; Medical Informatics in Support of the Primary Care Physician, National Rural Health Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California, May 26, 1994; and The Factorial Design Randomize Trial: Relevant Features to General Internal Medicine, Southern Region Society of General Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana, February 4-5, 1996.

Dr. Moran has also written in excess of fifteen medical, research-based articles which were published in various medical journals. These article topics include, but are not limited to: “Clinical Documentation: The Hand-held Computer as a Survival Tool,” MD Comput., 1998 Nov-Dec.; “Computer-generated Mailed Reminders for Influenza Immunization: A Clinical Trial,” J. General Internal Medicine, 1992 Sept.-Oct.; “Implementing Computerized Tracking at a Community Health Center: Challenges and Solutions,” Proc. Annu. Symp. Comput. Appl. Med. Care, 1993; “Community Surveillance of Falls Among the Elderly Using Computerized EMS Transport Data,” Am J. Emergency Medicine, July 1994; and “Use of technology to Improve Service to Older Adults: A Computerized Community Care Coordination Network,” Proceedings of the RESNA 1994 Annual Conference, 1994. Dr. Moran is also credited with compiling educational materials in the field of geriatrics. He is credited as well with writing several commentaries, one of which is titled Computer-generated Reminders and Patient Drug Compliance, ACP J Club, March-April 2, 1993.

Dr. Moran, in recent years, has received grants in many realms of the medical field which he has utilized to further his goal of higher quality care for patients. These grants include, but are not limited to: “Computerized Patient Tracking to Facilitate Inter-Agency Communication,” Kate B. Reynolds Poor and Needy Trust, Co-Principal Investigator, 1992-1995; “Community Care Coordination Network,” The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, under the program “Building Health Systems for People with Chronic Illnesses,” Co-Investigator, 1993-1996; and the “Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Faith in Action Program: The Community Volunteer Program,” Principal Investigator, 1995-1997.

Dr. Moran also has several grants which are either current or pending. These grants include the following: “Community Care Coordination Network: Generalist Perspective,” the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Generalist Physician Faculty Scholars program, Principal Investigator, 1994-1998; “Program Evaluation: Winston-Salem State University Nurse Managed Care Center,” the Kate B. Reynolds Foundation (subcontract), 1997-1999; and “Community Care Coordination Network on the World Wide Web,” Technology Development Grant, North Carolina Baptist Hospital, 1997 (Pending).